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Rust and External Air Conditioning Units


Rust and External Air Conditioning UnitsThis is a very common sight we come across while working near coastal areas.The Salt in the air causes corrosion to the metal.The first point to note would be... Read more...

Toilet Block Ventilation with added Heating


We have been working this week fitting a Ventilation system for the Plassey Leisure Park in Eyton. This ventilation system or replacing air system is to provide high indoor air quality (i.e. to control... Read more...

The Feathers Ruthin


We have just carried out a new air conditioning instillation in a pub in Ruthin, North Wales. This consisted of 3 x Wall mount units, 1 x Ceiling unit and 2 x Cellar Chillers. We have worked with the... Read more...

Cellar Chillers - The Workhorse


Thinking back over the summer, one thing that is noticeable is the amount of Cellar Chillers we have fitted new or repaired. From the one above, which we were able to repair, to the the ones condemned... Read more...

Server room and computer room cooling ( its getting hot in here )


Many people do not appreciate the importance of cooling within their computer or server room. They do not create 'that' much heat? You can be amazed how much heat can build up from two plus computers... Read more...

A stitch in time...


We are always told a preventative is better than a cure when it comes to air conditioning servicing. I have shown in the picture one of the worst units we have seen in a while. The inch thick black mould... Read more...

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