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Air conditioning unit in Wrexham in need of servicing

A very important part of the service we offer are fully managed service contracts, we have a dedicated service team who will visit your site, at a time agreed with you to carry out a complete and thorough service of your units, we also complete annual leak tests to enable you to comply with current legislation.

Under current standards, it is recommended that an air-conditioning system’s routine service be carried out at six monthly intervals, to ensure the system remains in optimum condition. For sites where there are excessive airborne particles we recommend increasing visits to three monthly intervals. After an ACS routine visit we issue an Inspection report.

Here is an example of a site we have visited, where no servicing had taken place for years, this is a coil that had started to corrode after not being maintained for years and unfortunately had to be replaced as it was not longer fit for purpose.

Whether it’s a query about your home, or a request for office air conditioning servicing, or another commercial project, contact us to find out how we can help.

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