How to keep your home and conservatory cool !


Follows is a great editorial from Wrexham Savers If you don't already know my name is Nigel Lewis and I work for Wrexham Savers. I want to share with you this short story about how I came across ACS Air Conditioning. About 8 years ago I was having a new conservatory installed and I wanted to be able to use it all year round. I have seen so many people having installed a conservatory and then can't uses them half the time because they are too warm or too cold. Many of us now have aircon in our cars, and many of our employers have them in places of work. I thought having Aircon in the conservatory would be the ultimate solution, but I thought installation and running costs would be prohibitive. Anyway I decided to get a quotation and ACS a Wrexham company were recommended to me. They came out and explained how cost effective home systems are to install and to run as they can both cool in the summer and heat in the winter. They are basically similar to a fridge and they explained for every Kw of electricity used 4 Kw of heat is generated.     A fully detailed proposal was provided which following detailed evaluation seemed the only way to go if I wanted to use the conservatory 365 days a year. I can honestly say I could not have made a better decision. It cost a fraction of the cost of the conservatory and the room is used all year round. If you are planning a new conservatory or orangery or have an existing room you would like to heat and cool in an efficient manner then give ACS a call for a free survey and quotation. "Plus it looks very posh when the Jones's pop round "    

When the heat is on,
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