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Air Conditioning Maintenance

We offer a repair service for all equipment manufacturers, replacement circuit boards, pumps, compressors, leak detection and gas re-charge including pressure testing with nitrogen free oxygen. However prevention is better than cure, consider a fully managed maintenance contract.

Common reported faults include:

1. Old Socks Smell – Caused by a fungus or bacteria growing on dirty coils and in drains, cured by regular and efficient servicing.

2. Unit turning off – This can be either the unit going into defrost more, or something more sinister, especially if it stops working very frequently, or does not appear to be blowing either hot or cold air.

3. Leaks – The unit collects a small amount of water when it is working in cooling, this is removed via drains and sometimes a pump, this system works well until wither the drain gets gunked up with dust or airborne particles, or the pump fails.


Repair Air Conditioning

We work with many brands of Air Conditioning for repair including:

Airforce, Airwell, Beermaster, Carrier,

Daikin, Fujitsu, Galanz, Gree, High Cool, Hitachi,

IMI, JE Hall, LG, Marstair, Midea,

Mitsubish Electric, Mitsubishi Hi, Nett,

Pacific, Panasonic,Qualitair, Spaceair,

Starway, Sharp, Sinclair, Toyo, Unionair, Toshiba.