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Air Conditioning servicing

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

We offer Air Conditioning service contracts for regular maintenance, with either visits every 3, 6 or 12 months. This very much depends on the clients needs, a clean office with only one or two people, or a home with occasional use may only need a visit every year, whereas a busy lab may need a visit every 3 months.

coroded evaporatorThis picture shows a corroded coil on the indoor unit,

this has not been cleaned since it was fitted and after about 3 years

and needed to be replaced. a very costly exercise and a few hours labour as well as parts.





muckyunitcropAnother example is this drip tray, it was in a very hygienic environment and again the units had not been cleaned in several years. This is pushing bacteria into the air!

This can be noticed by a smell coming from the Air Conditioning unit, damp, cats wee or mouldy smell.

One big worry is legionella, the unit collects water from the air and it drips off the coil into the drip tray and then into a drain, legionella is not an issue with regular maintenance, but if the drip tray is left uncleaned ( like this unit to the left ) then bacteria does form.