ACS information on the spread of Virus relating to our installed Air Conditioning

Information on the subject of Virus possible introduction and spread by air conditioning systems is provided by REFCOM, BESA, CIBSE, REHVA and other institutions, and our observations are purely the result of having digested their information.

Types of Air Conditioning

Air Handling Units

These are large usually roof mounted systems supplying temperature controlled air into the work place via ducts and grilles, the air supplied is usually a combination of fresh air and re-circulated air.

Fan Coils

There are two types of system supplying Fan Coil indoor units:

Water chilled/heated Fan Coils where the coil in the form of a ceiling cassette or ducted unit is indirectly connected to an external heater/chiller plant using heated/chilled water in the pipes and external heat exchangers.

DX Fan Coils where the coil in the form of an indoor ceiling cassette, ducted, high wall mount or floor mount unit is directly connected to an external air conditioning unit, using refrigerant gas flowing through the pipes.

The Systems We supply and fit

The type of unit ACS primarily install in your shop, office or home is the latter, a Fan Coil indoor unit connected to a dedicated outdoor unit using copper pipes carrying Refrigerant gas at very high pressure, heating mode or cooling mode being determined by the direction of flow of the refrigerant gas.

Ventilation is not provided by our systems in the vast majority of cases, the systems only re-circulate the air already in the room, they do not supply or extract air.



The Coronavirus are 3 microns in size, A/C filters only filter down to 100 microns, therefore will not trap the virus. HEPA Filters are designed to trap smaller particles but due to the extremely high resistance to air flow are not suitable for use in our air conditioning units, if fitted will result in the failure of overworked mechanical components.

Control of the Virus

  1. Ensure the systems are kept clean using normal service methods
  2. It has been suggested the virus will only survive for 30 mins on a surface at a temperature above 56C, the maximum temperature our systems achieve in heating mode is 55C, therefore running the units on full heating mode for one hour may help eliminate any virus on the coil of the indoor unit
  3. Ventilation, the most important way to improve the air quality in a room is to ensure adequate ventilation and air movement, this where our air conditioning units help, by keeping a constant air movement and assisting any ventilation systems achieve the suggested air changes per hour

Further information can be gained from the download documents:

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