Climate Chamber Units (Stagionello)

Stagionello climate chamber unit for commercial client in Chester

We have recently started working with Stagionello, an Italian company who develop and produce Climate Chamber units for the curing of meat and Maturmeat for dry ageing of meat.

We work with them for new sales, also maintenance of repair of existing units.

We are UK based, but with our contacts and direct supply from the Manufactures we can assist with all faults.

Anna - one of our Engineers recently attended a Master Class training course at the head quarters in Italy.

Why Stagionello and ACS?

Why Stagionello Units?

  • Patented Technology
  • Patented Fully Stainless Steel unit with Stainless Steel Door with glass display
  • Patented Humidity System offering in-direct air flow into the whole cabinet (no hot/cold spots)
  • Patented Internal PH meter which shows on display
  • HACCP data on the machine also FREE printer for data
  • Fully Made to order cabinets
  • We now offer a Free PH Probe and Free Haccp Data Printer with a choice of fixed legs or wheels

Find out more

Visit our Salami Cabinet website for more details and you can view product information and full specifications on the Stagionello website.

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